Founded in November 2009, the Curlew Creek Poll Dorset Stud was a natural fit and progression for the Garnett family’s long running and highly successful Willemenup Poll Merino Stud

An initial breeding flock of 300 Poll Dorset stud ewes was purchased from the Lamont family of East Tambellup, Western Australia in 2009. In March 2014, Curlew Creek acquired 362 ewes from "Hillcroft Farms" of Narrogin, Western Australia. Curlew Creek now consists of 750 ewes.

In recognition of the traditional owners, the name “Curlew Creek” is derived from the Wadgella translation of the Noongar term for Willemenup; “Place of the Curlew”. 



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Curlew Creek 180274
Raw Data Weight: 94.5 EMD: 49.8 Fat: 8.9
Bwt 0.35
Wwt 10.2
Pwwt 15.6
Pfat -0.2
Pemd 4.7
C+ 233
LEQ 148.8
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3 weeks ago

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