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The Curlew Creek Poll Dorset Stud finds its home on "Willemenup" which is situated 8 kilometres south-west of Gnowangerup in Western Australia’s Great Southern Region. Willemenup, named so after the Willemenup Creek which runs through the property, has been in the Garnett family since 1928. With Collyn and Tanya Garnett now at the helm, the key enterprises are stud and commercial sheep production and cropping (wheat, barley, oats and lupins).

The soil types across Willemenup range from rich red loams on the gently undulating hills, through to sand plains on the southern banks of the Pallinup River. The landscape is predominately tall timber country and receives an annual rainfall of approximately 400 mm.



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Curlew Creek 180274
Raw Data Weight: 94.5 EMD: 49.8 Fat: 8.9
Bwt 0.35
Wwt 10.2
Pwwt 15.6
Pfat -0.2
Pemd 4.7
C+ 233
LEQ 148.8
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3 months ago

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